Meggitt Sensing Systems Announces New Endevco "All in One" Portable Accelerometer Shaker and Calibration System



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Meggitt Sensing Systems, a Meggitt group division, has introduced the Endevco® model 28959F/28959FV, a portable accelerometer shaker and calibration system with integral signal conditioning, designed to provide both excitation and high-precision NIST-traceable calibrations of charge mode piezoelectric, voltage mode piezoelectric (ISOTRON®), piezoresistive, and variable capacitance accelerometers within a convenient "all-in-one" unit, facilitating compliance with ISO 17025 and A2LA requirements. The fully self-contained Endevco® model 28959F/28959FV calibration system consists of a built-in vibration exciter, signal generator, computer-controlled amplifier and servo mechanism, along with an internal reference accelerometer, thermal printer, RS-232 serial interface, LCD display screen (in English or metric units), signal conditioners and all necessary connectors and mounting accessories. This complete package requires no additional accessories, for a lower total cost of ownership. With internal memory capacity for more than 1,600 tests, the system can effectively support amplitude ranges of up to ten g's and frequency ranges of 10 Hz to 10 kHz, with an RS-232 interface that efficiently transfers field data. In addition, the unit can be powered by either its AC line voltage or its internal rechargeable batteries. With its high-performance and portability, the Endevco® model 28959F/28959FV may be used as both an in-house laboratory system, or as an onsite calibrator for field checks of individual measurement chain components. For detailed technical specifications, drawings or additional information about the Endevco® model 28959F/28959FV or other products available from Meggitt Sensing Systems, visit