Meggitt Sensing Systems Introduces Hermetically Sealed, Critically Damped Endevco® Piezoresistive Accelerometer with 500 mV Output


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Meggitt Sensing Systems, a Meggitt group division, has announced the global market introduction of the Endevco® model 2262A, a highly rugged, hermetically sealed, critically damped piezoresistive shock accelerometer with 500 mV full scale output, designed to support automotive, aerospace and general in-house laboratory structural, environmental, and impact testing requirements, including transient acceleration measurements on structural members. With available ranges of 1000 g pk and 2000 g pk, the Endevco® model 2262A series incorporates Meggitt's own semiconductor strain gauge elements in a bridge configuration, allowing for low-impedance output with 10 Vdc excitation. Sensing elements are housed within a rugged, hermetically sealed stainless steel stud mount package. These high-reliability accelerometers can withstand shocks of up to 2,500 g and 5,000 g, respectively, with performance that is unaffected by humidity or altitude. With frequency response to 1,500 and 3,000 Hz (5%), respectively, the accelerometers are able to provide a broad useful frequency range. Sensor output is enough to directly drive most data acquisition systems without amplification. Viscous damping, with a ratio of 0.7 (typical) extends the useful frequency range of the model 2262A and reduces spurious, high-frequency vibrations. This DC response accelerometer offers a usable frequency range to 5000 Hz, with excellent performance stability over a temperature range of -18 to +93°C (0?F to +200?F). Recommended accessories include the model 126 three-channel DC bridge amplifier; model 136 three-channel signal conditioner; and the model 436 DC differential voltage amplifier, as well as the model 2950 triaxial mounting block, model 2981-4 M5-0.8 mounting stud, model 3022B cable assembly and the model 2981-3 slotted 10-32 mounting stud. Quantities of the model 2262A and some supporting accessories are also available for immediate customer shipment under Meggitt's Endevco® Guaranteed InStock™ program. For detailed technical specifications, drawings or additional information, visit