Mersen Introduces MDC Series DC Distribution Fuses


Low and high overcurrent protection for DC Systems

Mersen Introduces MDC Series DC Distribution Fuses

­Mersen announces its latest innovative product series, MDC DC distribution fuses.

With the evolution of DC distribution and new technologies on the horizon, Mersen’s MDC DC Distribution fuses help customers achieve ultimate protection for today and tomorrow and let system integrators and OEM manufacturers easily  select fuses for the protection of DC distribution in a variety of applications.

The MDC Series incorporates proven fuse technologies, providing optimal current limitation while achieving maximum performance. The MDC portfolio is designed to easily allow customers to choose fuses where coordination with other DC components is critical, eliminating unnecessary downtime.

Fuses in the MDC Series include:

· MDC06A 600V DC/AC 10x38mm Auxiliary Fuse

· MDC10A 1000VDC/750VAC 10x38mm Auxiliary Fuse

· MDC10M 1000VDC Main Fuse

· MDC15A 1500VDC 10x85mm Auxiliary Fuse

Applications include but not limited to: DC cabling, DC bus, DC auxiliary circuits, electrical energy storage (EES), battery module protection, EV charging, critical power, and UPS protection.

Mersen MDC series fuses were developed in response to market need for DC fuses capable of opening safely at low and high fault currents. The MDC series provides unique performance characteristics allowing customers to safely protect their equipment and personnel. 

For more information about the MDC series, go here.