Mersen unveils low-voltage switch family



Mersen non-fusible compact switch

Mersen Electrical Power launches a global line of premium compact low voltage switchgear, giving it one of the broadest range of switches in the industry, with a full line od accessories to accommodate virtually any application. According to Emmanuelle Delcambre, Product Manager, “this range is global and encompasses both Ul and IEC standard products for AC and DC applications. A special focus has been made on design: new design in terms of compactness and modularity, new economical design providing to the customer a very cost competitive offering and new design in terms of product branding with the orange stripe as an accent.”

Three sub-ranges build this line: fusible switches, non-fusible switches and PV-rated switches. For both fusible and non-fusible switches one key feature is the higher ratings versus competition (up to 4000A for non-fusible and up to 1250A for fusible). Beyond space savings result of the compactness design, flexibility is another key feature. Flexibility in installation due to the complete range of accessories and flexibility in logistics as well consequence of reduced part numbers enabling a more fluent ordering process and stock control.

In terms of applications Emmanuelle Delcambre states: “Mersen Electrical Power has targeted end use markets, control panels in power distribution and industry for fusible and non-fusible switches, PV power generation for PV-rated DC switches. For these latter the application is the disconnection of individual strings, individual arrays and PV inverter from the DC side. All these switch products are synergetic because we already call these markets with our offering of leading electrical power components.