MG Chemicals' protective range of conductive epoxies, adhesives, and coatings are now at RS Components



protective materials from MG Chemicals

RS Components (RS), the trading brand of Electrocomponents, a leading distributor for engineers, has introduced of a range of protective coatings from MG Chemicals that are designed specifically for electronics prototyping and production. This initial introduction includes some of the electronics industry’s most popular conductive epoxies,conformal coatings and conductive greases, as well as potting and encapsulating epoxies.

Targeting electronics production and design engineers and buyers for OEMs and contract electronic manufacturers, key products from MG Chemicals include conductive greases such as the 846 carbon-conductive grease, which inhibits corrosion and repels humidity and is ideal for protecting switches or bridging the gap between contacting surfaces for EMI shielding applications; and the 847 carbon-conductive assembly paste, which is a non-bleeding grease designed to improve electrical connections between non-moving surfaces and parts.

Other highlights of the range are potting and encapsulating epoxies including black and translucent epoxy for protection against static discharges, shocks, vibrations, and mechanical impacts, as well as insulation against heat and conductivity. Also available are conformal coatings that are designed to protect assembled PCB circuitry from harsh environmental conditions including moisture, chemicals and other contaminants such as salt spray, debris and dust.

In addition, the range includes electrically conductive epoxies that bond, seal and adhere to most substrates used in electronic assemblies. They provide reliable and uniform electrical conductivity, superior substrate adhesion, and the physical strength to resist thermal and mechanical shocks.

Manufactured at MG Chemicals’ facility in Canada, all products undergo thorough testing and analysis to maximize performance and user safety as well as environmental safeguards.

Gavin Lillington, Global Category Head for Protection and Consumables at RS, said: “The introduction of these important products is the first of many as part of the collaboration between the two companies. A further selection of products from MG Chemicals will be launched in the coming months.”

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