Micro-AB USB receptacle from SUYIN for sturdy under-board mounting


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The new 5-position Micro USB receptacle from SUYIN's 020039MB005S507ZL model series features a reverse-bottom, type AB design, and is thus suited for mounting on the underside of printed circuit boards. The AB label means that the receptacle can accommodate both Micro-A (rectangular housing) and Micro-B (angled housing) USB plugs. The receptacle's five contact terminals with a 0.65 mm pitch are connected to the board using surface-mount technology. Two THT lock-in pins on the receptacle's underside and two gull-wing side-mounted THT leads on each side provide additional sturdy anchoring onto the board and ensure a reliable hold, even when the receptacle is subjected to high insertion and removal forces. The number of mating cycles is specified at 10,000. Other key specifications for this very compact Micro-AB USB receptacle with dimensions of 5.85 x 9.60 x 3.27 (L x W x H in mm, overall) include the contact rating of 30 V DC /1.8 A (pins 1 and 5) and 30 V DC /0.5 A (pins 2 through 4), the contact resistance of 30 m? (max.), the insulation resistance of 50 M? (min. initial) and the operating temperature range of -40 °C to +105 °C. Typical applications include portable/mobile devices, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, flash drives, navigation systems and others. SUYIN can supply customers with a quote for production volumes beginning at 80,000 pieces per year. Additionally, SUYIN can support the product ramp-up phase by supplying smaller amounts. Key specifications at a glance: connector type microUSB receptacle, AB, reverse bottom type number of circuits 5-pole dimensions 5.85 x 9.60 x 3.27 (L x W x H in mm) part number 020039MB005S507ZL About SUYIN SUYIN Corporation, founded in 1981 with headquarters in Taipeh/Taiwan, employs over 10,000 people in six production plants and in eight distribution offices world-wide. In 2009 the company generated a turnover of 200 million US dollars. SUYIN's product portfolio ranges from electromechanical connectors of all types in standard and custom versions for almost all applications in any given industry to specific optoelectronic products. With the aid of rapid prototyping, high-precision machine tools and automated robotic assembly lines, SUYIN is able to meet the sophisticated requirements of its customers in terms of design, flexibility, functionality, quality, service and cost efficiency at all times and all around the world. Additional information is available at www.suyin-europe.com