'Micro Clean LED' Enables 4K Resolution TV Displays to 220''



  • As a next generation light source, micro-LEDs will lead the $100B display market
  • Seoul’s Micro Clean LED single-pixel RGB innovation delivers higher performance and lower cost
  • Complete in-house production, from RGB EPI substrate to transfer technology, is ready for mass production

Seoul Viosys Co., Ltd. and Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. announced the development of their Micro Clean LED, a single-pixel RGB micro-LED technology that enables the design of 4K-resolution TVs with 42” to 220” displays. Introduced at the recent CES 2020, the world’s largest consumer electronics and technology exhibition, the Micro Clean LEDs are ready for mass production.

By combining technology capabilities from Seoul Viosys – epitaxial EPI growth of red, green, and blue LED chips, as well as proprietary mass transfer technology for single-pixel RGB µ-level chips – and Seoul Semiconductor – optimized surface mount technology (SMT) to increase production capacity, and tiling technology for substrate connectivity, they enable the production of customized display screen sizes.

The emergence of micro-LED technology has the potential to be a game-changer in the $100 billion display market. Micro-LEDs deliver superior color rendering and optimal off-angle viewing, compared to conventional LED/LCD technology. Unlike with OLEDs, however, micro-LEDs offer 1000X faster response time, and up to 30% reduction in internal/external power consumption, as well as infinite contrast range. Also, display panels manufactured with micro-LEDs can be combined into larger displays. This modular approach means that display manufacturers can easily customize the size of their screens.    

“The Micro Clean LED technology resolves several challenges in the manufacturing of micro-LEDs which will bring cost reductions by combining three (RGB) LEDs in a single-pixel package, including transfer technology, consistent color mixing, and the ability to control individual color and light intensity,” explained CEO Young Joo Lee at Seoul Viosys.

For more information, please visit http://www.seoulviosys.com/en/ and www.seoulsemicon.com/en.