Micrometals Solves Challenging Power Conversion Applications



Micrometals continues to expand their prototyping and custom core capabilities with the expansion of new E Core variations available.

Micrometals E Cores are renowned for their performance and quality by delivering exceptional part-to-part consistency.  With over 20 industry standard E Core sizes, from 12.7mm to 210mm, in both Iron and Alloy materials, Micrometals leads the industry in COTS shapes and materials. 

One significant advantage to Micrometal’s E Cores are their distributed gap materials, which do not require any gapping to improve saturation like ferrite cores.

The expanded prototyping and customization capabilities allows Micrometals to customize their standard E Cores by shaping the outer legs or center post to improve the usability for customers.  This customization permits the use of pre-wound coils for higher winding density compared to traditionally square shaped E Cores. Further, these custom E Cores deliver superior performance compared to similar shaped cores that are custom tooled.

The full offering of Micrometals standard E Cores have been incorporated into the Micrometals Online Inductor Design Tool, for facilitating material selection and design optimization - https://www.micrometalsapc.com/design-software