Microsemi awarded its largest US govt contract to develop high-performance ICs



Microsemi, a leading provider of semiconductor solutions differentiated by power, security, reliability and performance, today announced it has been awarded a development contract from the U.S. government to deliver a complex SoC solution. The company currently expects the contract to generate revenue immediately and over the next two years. Microsemi's broad technology capabilities differentiated its offering from a competitive field of many of the industry's leading semiconductor suppliers, with Microsemi receiving top scores in a number of key areas. Leveraging the most comprehensive technology portfolio in the industry, Microsemi has expanded its market opportunity and the company continues to pursue contracts within similar domains. "This design win validates Microsemi's total solutions initiative," stated Russ Garcia, Microsemi's executive vice president of worldwide marketing. "Microsemi's unique combination of technology and capabilities enabled us to deliver the winning proposal to one of the world's most demanding customers, the U.S. government. As we continue to advance our technology and capabilities portfolio we expect to continue to vigorously participate on platforms in the communications and defense markets." Microsemi