Microsemi Corp introduces radiation-tolerant octal driver ICs


For aerospace and hi-rel power-electronics control applications

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The AAHS298B is radiation-tolerant to 100 kRad total dose and screened to class S and class B.

Microsemi has introduced the first in a new family of octal source-driver ICs for aerospace and other hi-rel power-electronics and control applications including motor control. The AAHS298B is radiation-tolerant to 100 kRad total dose and screened to class S and class B requirements with an operating temperature range of -55 to +125 °C. Designers can use the new driver in conjunction with Microsemi's radiation-hardened and -tolerant programmable-logic products and diodes to easily implement redundant power-management subsystems. The AAHS298B includes eight non-inverting channels and can provide an interface from TTL level, 5-V or 12-V logic systems to relays, stepper and servo motors, solenoids, and other loads. Each output is capable of sourcing 700 mA with a withstand voltage of 50 V across the full military temperature range. It includes an internal thermal shutdown feature to protect against over-current and soft-start occurrences. Additional features include:

  • SEL (single-event latch-up) immunity
  • Low quiescent current consumption
  • Internal ground-clamp diodes
  • Output breakdown voltage of 50 V (min)
  • 5-V and 12-V TTL-logic compatible
Microsemi's radiation-tolerant and -hardened product portfolio includes FPGAs, power supplies, MOSFETs, bipolar transistors, diodes, hybrids, and custom ICs that include multiple organizations of memories, gate arrays, and processors in various hermetically-sealed ceramic packages. Availability and packaging The AAHS298B source driver is available in production quantities now in a 20-pin ceramic SOIC package. www.microsemi.com/