Microsemi's dual-port PoE passive hub offers cost-effective IEEE 802.3at-compliance



Microsemi, a leading provider of semiconductor solutions differentiated by power, security, reliability and performance, announced its new PD-9002GHO/AC Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) dual-port passive hub—the industry's first such device for outdoor applications. The PD-9002GHO offers a cost-effective solution that complies with IEEE 802.3at standards for delivering 30 watts (W) of power per port while ensuring safe and reliable operation in outdoor environments for two standard PoE data terminals. The PD-9002GHO/AC allows wireless LAN access points, IP cameras, wireless LAN mesh, small cell backhauls and other outdoor applications to receive power, along with data, over standard Ethernet cables—with no change to the existing infrastructure. "The launch of this industry-leading outdoor hub was designed specifically to meet the growth of outdoor installations where two devices in the same location both require PoE and data connection," said Sani Ronen, director of marketing for PoE systems at Microsemi. "In addition to providing our customers with a simpler and lower cost installation in comparison to existing alternatives, Microsemi's new PD-9002GHO/AC offers a one-box solution without the need for outdoor enclosure or two outdoor rated AC outlets." Microsemi's passive PoE hub supports 10/100/1000Mbps data connectivity between the ports and is an optimal solution for the installation of two PoE devices. The PD-9002GHO/AC also offers surge protection for the AC and PoE ports. The device performs data connectivity between its ports and also delivers PoE to the ports. In addition, the PoE passive hub allows customers to avoid the power-wasting active switching components commonly used in PoE switches. The 9002GHO is optimal for security applications where an IP camera is installed in a remote location and the camera data stream is backhauled via a wireless link. In this case the 9002GHO offers a complete solution, providing power to both the camera and the wireless link to enable data connectivity between them without the need for a switch. The 9002GHO provides the same optimal solution for other applications where two PoE-enabled devices are installed in the same outdoor location such as WLAN mesh and small cells/Wi-Fi backhaul. Other key features include: IP66 rated Extended temperature range -40 degrees C, +55 degrees C Up to 30W of PoE provided per port Supports 10/100/1000Mbps data rates Plug-and-play installation, no need to open the unit during installation Supports both 802.3af and 802.3at powered devices Samples of the PD902GHO are available to qualified customers now. Microsemi