Millennial Research begins shipping modular generator systems



Millennial Research Corporation (MRC), a privately held, Tulsa, Oklahoma-based developer and manufacturer of modular electric motor and generator technology, announced it has officially begun to ship its generators to fill current orders and execute on MRC's business plan and vision. MRC's patented Magnetronics technology is a novel and potentially disruptive advance in electric generators. The value proposition of a modular generator enables outstanding platform flexibility in terms of scale and customization for demanding user applications. The modularity benefits are matched by operating efficiencies that, in certain applications, can significantly reduce electricity costs associated with driving electric motors and pumps. Magnetronics technology avoids traditional complex windings and brushes that are susceptible to failure. These robust improvements yield greater reliability and product life span. Another industry first is that maintenance and repair costs, compared to traditional generators, are relatively low since a service technician can replace simple modular parts in the field using only hand tools. "Our first evaluation units started making their way into customer hands in May and production will be measured and continuous going forward. This marks the beginning of a whole new class of generator offering with value propositions never before enjoyed in the market. Everyone is concerned with serviceability, scalability and efficiency. The market critical value propositions we now deliver will allow our company to redefine the generator segment and completely reframe the market-scape," said J. Darin Long, CEO of Millennial Research Corporation. MRC's control and monitoring systems are another industry improvement that allow for string-able, turn-key solutions that can match demand or "load follow" by intelligently adjusting fuel consumption and electricity output to match electricity demand. "Our first fully integrated and micro-grid scalable natural gas generator packages are driven by industrial natural gas powered engines made by Arrow Engine (a subsidiary of TriMas)" said Michael McDaniels, Chief Technology Officer of Millennial Research Corporation. "These bullet-proof and easily field-serviceable Arrow platforms are combined with MRC's intelligent control systems and robust modular generator heads giving our customers unprecedented performance, serviceability, and efficiency. Whether you want to burn flare gas to recover usable kilowatts, deploy a micro-grid, provide co-generation, or power industrial pumps and fans, we have your solution. Our solution delivers load-following to limit fuel waste in reduced demand situations. Now you can potentially turn a cost center into a profit center," continued Mr. McDaniels. Millennial Research Corporation