Miniature 30V MOSFETs boast industry-leading RDS(ON)



Toshiba Electronics Europe has expanded its family of low-voltage, ultra-efficient MOSFETs with two series that claim to deliver the lowest ON resistance (RDS(ON)) in their class. The miniature, 30V devices also offer very low input capacitance (Ciss) to ensure an excellent RDS(ON)*Ciss figure of merit (FOM). Toshiba's TPN and TPH series of 30V MOSFETs are based on the company's eighth generation U-MOSVIII-H process and supplied in miniature TSON Advance and SOP Advance SMD packages respectively. Target applications will include isolated and non-isolated DC-DC converters and power management circuitry where low-power operation, rapid switching and minimum PCB real estate are key design criteria. The new TPN 30V MOSFETs in the TSON Advance package have a 3mm x 3mm footprint, while devices in the SOP Advance 30V TPH series measure 5mm x 6mm. At 10V, the five devices in the TPN 30V MOSFET series have typical RDS(ON) ratings from 9.4m? to 2.2m? and typical Ciss ratings from 630pF to 1600pF. There are seven devices in the new TPH series with typical RDS(ON) ratings (at VGS = 10V) from 9.4m? to just 0.77m?. Typical Ciss ratings for the TPH devices (at VGS = 10V) are between 510pF and 5300pF. Toshiba's eighth generation UMOS trench process has allowed the company to deliver significant improvements in trade-off characteristics between RDS(ON) and Ciss. This helps to reduce conduction and drive losses as well as improving switching speeds and minimising radiated noise. UMOSVIII-H MOSFETs help to improve the efficiency and reduce the size of target applications without compromising performance. Toshiba