Mitsubishi develops GaN HEMT Ku-band amplifier for satellite earth stations



Click image to enlarge: The MGFK47G3745

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a GaN HEMT (high-electron mobility transistor) Ku-band (12 to 18 GHz) amplifier for satellite earth stations. The MGFK47G3745, features output power of 50 W, linear gain of 9 dB, and power added efficiency of 30%, is expected to reduce the number of high frequency amplifiers by half and contribute to greater power saving and downsizing for transmitter equipment. Mitsubishi Electric will ship samples on October 1. In recent years, the GaAs amplifiers in microwave transmitter designs have been increasingly replaced with GaN amplifiers due to their high breakdown-voltage, power density, and saturated electron speeds.

Satellite-based communication, especially in the Ku-band, enables communication to be established under adverse conditions, such as during natural disasters and in areas where communication facilities are hard to build. Mobile earth-based stations require in-vehicle portability and must be easy to install, so power-saving measures and downsized transmitters are highly useful in helping to minimize the size of earth stations. Advantages of GaN HEMT Ku-band amplifier

  • High output power, efficiency, and gain
  • High output power of 50 W at 24 V high-voltage operation
  • High power added efficiency of 30%, 10 points greater than predecessor MGFK44A4045 model
  • High linear gain of 9 dB achieved with new high-voltage gate structure and optimized layout
  • Low Distortion
  • Internally impedance-matched
Mitsubishi Electric