Mobix Labs Collaborates to Develop Low-Cost, Energy-Efficient 5G Base Station Solutions


Joint Effort Aims to Cut Power Consumption of 5G Towers in Half with Advanced Technology

Fabian Battaglia, CEO of Mobix Labs

­Mobix Labs Inc. announced a strategic partnership with TalkingHeads Wireless (THW) to develop a new generation of cost-effective, energy-efficient 5G base stations. THW’s 5G radio solution uses AI technology to optimize tower energy consumption, while Mobix Labs’ broad portfolio of products including ICs, antennas, and active optical cables and transceivers delivers significant advantages in performance, efficiency, cost and size for 5G base stations.

This collaboration follows Mobix Labs’ recent acquisition of RaGE Systems, a leader in radio frequency joint design and manufacturing services. THW has contracted with RaGE Systems to help develop solutions that significantly reduce the power consumption of base stations, cutting the energy costs of 5G towers in half.

“This exciting collaboration with TalkingHeads Wireless highlights our shared commitment to innovation and sustainability in 5G technology. With RaGE Systems’ proven track record and THW’s visionary leadership, we are poised to make significant advancements in energy-efficient 5G infrastructure,” said Fabian Battaglia, CEO of Mobix Labs.

THW is at the forefront of reducing the energy costs of 5G towers. Their innovative, smart network tower solutions are designed to radically lower energy consumption, addressing the challenge of increasing data traffic without proportional increases in energy costs. THW selected RaGE Systems for their expertise in cellular base station development, deep product design knowledge, and cost-effective onshore manufacturing capabilities. The collaboration will deliver increased power efficiency and reduced operating costs for 5G service providers.