Modular Configurable 600W, 1200W PSUs are Smallest in Class



FiDUS Power announces the availability of the NEVO range of smallest in its class modular configurable power supplies including medical variants.

Both sizes of the NEVO power supplies are available with the latest in medical safety approvals for safety EN/IEC/ANSI 60601-1 and EMC immunity EN60601-1-2 4th edition and comply with EN55022 level B EMC Standards. Applications include medical and diagnostic devices, medical robotics, dialysis / peristaltic pumps, bench top laboratory and analysis equipment, laser power, operating theatre lighting, incubators, display applications, telecommunications and retrofit of legacy power multi output supplies.

Two powers are available; the 600W output NEVO+600 (5” x 3” x 1.61”) and the NEVO+1200 (6” x 6” x 1.61”) which delivers an impressive 1200W of output power, The power dense units fit conveniently into a 1U enclosure with robust enclosed mechanics. Both models have ITE and medical variants and are impressively featured with analogue current and voltage programming, analogue current output signal, 5V bias supply (one per card, one per 600W chassis and two on the 1200 chassis), global / local inhibit, AC OK and DC OK power good signals.

Accurate current sharing across multiple modules is a standard feature enabling them to be used in the most demanding applications where a large output current of up to 100A is required. Outputs can also easily be configured in series to support applications requiring high voltages of up to 240VDC. The units utilise an integrated fan (low noise option for sound sensitive applications) with intelligent control which provides thermal versatility and orientation flexibility to best suit to best suit the end product.

The NEVO+600 can be populated with 4 isolated configurable power modules while the NEVO+1200 permits up to 8.  The modules may be factory configured or adjusted by the end user in situ. Five single output modules are available with voltages over the nominal range 5 to 48VDC, adjustable from a minimum of 1.5 to a maximum of 58V depending on module. Two of the card modules offer isolated 75W dual outputs; nominal 12V (3.3-15V) and 24V (23.2-24.7V).  Both have low standby power consumption, efficiency up to 89% and an operating temperature range of – 20 to +70⁰C.

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