Modular Switches Allow for Homes Pre-Wired for Upgrades


Eliminates up-front installation costs; Turn upgrades into after-sale revenues

Deako has expanded its suite of modular and scalable home lighting products and solutions, announcing the launch of the Deako Simple Rocker Switch, Simple Dimmer, Simple Motion Sensor, Smart Switch and Smart Dimmer. The new products paired with their existing backplate can be quickly installed into a standard junction box, enable builders to offer homes pre-wired for customizable upgrade packages and eliminate the upfront costs typically required for such installations. Instead, builders, integrators and electricians can generate after-sale revenues when buyers choose an upgrade.

Deako’s modular system and “click-in” switches require no special wiring or hubs. Upgrade packages including Simple Motion/Dimmer, Smart Switches/Smart Dimmer, and Scene Controller Switches are seamlessly added into the Deako Backplate. Homeowners love the flexibility they have with Deako as they can upgrade their lighting at any time, without hiring an electrician. Builders love that they can now offer a future-proof home at little to no extra cost. Simply pop out one switch and replace it with the upgrade throughout the house:

  • The new Simple Rocker Switch is a beautifully designed rocker switch for any room in the home. With Deako’s modular system, this is a sleek starting point in personal lighting design.
  • The new Simple Dimmer Switch can be placed in dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and anywhere you want to adjust the brightness of the lights.
  • The new Simple Motion Sensor can be used in laundry rooms, pantries, garages and any other space you choose in your home.
  • Deako is also launching a new Smart Switch and Smart Dimmer, both of which showcase a matte finish and pair your mobile phone and voice using Google Home and Amazon Alexa. With the dimmer switch, a slim rocker precisely controls the brightness, mood, and experience of each room and space. 

“The addition of the new Deako Simple Rocker Switch, Simple Dimmer, and Simple Motion Sensor further reinforces Deako’s commitment to offering the most flexible, scalable, lighting solutions on the market, bar none. We’ve eliminated upfront capital costs for builders and replaced it with opportunities to generate revenue with upgrades whether smart or simple that are added-on when the buyer personalizes their home,” said Derek Richardson, Founder, and CEO of Deako.

Deako was built from the ground up to serve the new home construction market. Deako pricing is designed to offer builders and electricians the lowest up-front costs possible to maximize potential profit while giving homeowners maximum flexibility and unprecedented ease of installation.

All Deako Smart Switches include timers, schedules, and scenes that work with Google Home and Alexa devices.

Electricians, integrators, and builders interested in Deako products can contact their local distributor for availability and trade pricing. Homeowners who wish to order can visit or