Molex Announces Multi-Drop Sealed Connector and Cable System Ideal for Power and Data/Signal Applications in Harsh Environments



Molex Incorporated announced the availability of its Multi-Drop Sealed Connector and Cable System, a sealed, modular, cable connector system for the transfer of both power and data/signal in a multi-drop configuration. Using cable-pierce technology to deliver a rugged, free-form, pluggable connector string, the Multi-Drop Sealed Connector and Cable System is fully sealed to IP66 and IP67 ratings. It can also be customized to meet any requirements for internal and external data/signal and power applications, providing customers with greater flexibility when designing their applications. "Molex's Multi-Drop Sealed Connector and Cable System's string layout, customized mating interface and modular design can be configured to meet customer-specific applications," said Desmond Ryan, product manager, Molex. "The system is suitable for many lighting and power applications, security systems and sensors in environments such as office buildings, road infrastructure, car parking lots, public transportation, city centers and other public places." The system is comprised of multiple connector modules made up of three sections, including top and base housings, which are terminated to a multi-core flat cable, and a custom pluggable connector with an interfacial seal. Retention studs on the top and base housings align the cable module during termination to provide constant compression of the connector on the cable and add strain-relief. Connections can be made on stranded cores of wire of 1.50mm (16 AWG) or greater. The single termination process allows for quick and easy field termination and is suitable for applications up to approximately 3.0A. Having 50-cycle durability, the pluggable connector can be mated/unmated during installation and for re-use, repair or replacement. With weather-proof and UV-protected housings, gel matte and connector interfacial seals, the assembled system is fully sealed and suitable for use in all weather conditions. For more information on Molex's Multi-Drop Sealed Connector and Cable System, visit