Molex First to Market with Innovative One-Piece Automotive Bulb Socket



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Molex Incorporated is first-to-market with the one-piece S8 Automotive Bulb Socket. This wedge-style bulb socket simplifies assembly and reduces inventory and component costs, while providing users with the same high-quality performance and robust design found in all Molex automotive sockets. The Molex S8 bulb socket also includes a unique individual wire seal design that provides easy attachment during the crimping process, along with superior sealing and usability. "The S8 style of socket has been in use for over 10 years, with the standard design being a two-piece system comprised of a lamp socket pin module that accepts the bulb contact on one side and female plug housing on the other," said EuiHwa Jung, global product manager, Molex. "Molex saw an opportunity to simplify the assembly process by developing the industry's first one-piece S8 bulb socket, which provides multiple benefits over the competitive two-piece housing design." The bulb sockets, which are ideal for multiple transportation applications including turn signals, brake lights, positioning lights and backup lights, allow automotive OEMs to inventory just one socket, versus stocking a lamp socket module and terminal housing. The product also streamlines the inventory process by providing one key type and color per assembly, versus different color pin modules, housings and key type assembly options. Additionally, the Molex S8 bulb socket design features a three-circuit housing to accommodate single or double filament bulbs for greater design flexibility and further reduced inventory needs. The bulb sockets meet industry-standard requirements and are SAE/USCAR-15 compliant. For more information on Molex S8 Automotive Bulb Sockets, please visit To receive information on other Molex products and industry solutions, please sign up for our e-nouncement newsletter at