Molex Microminiature SlimStack B8 Connectors Designed for Superior Contact and Cleaning


Compact SlimStack B8 connectors safeguard against damage, flux and other contaminants—delivering built-in reliability to makers of high-end mobile devices and other electronics

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Molex Incorporated introduces SlimStack™ B8 connectors, featuring a robust housing and unique CleanPoint™ contact for removing flux and other contaminants to provide superior electrical reliability. Compact SlimStack B8 0.40mm pitch SMT board-to-board connectors, with a 0.80mm height and ultra-narrow 2.50mm width, afford maximum space savings in high end medical, consumer electronics, data/telecom and mobile device applications. "In the production process of flex-to-board jumpers, flux or dust can sometimes settle on contacts and disrupt signal continuity. As mobile devices continue to increase in value and complexity, OEM customers need assurance that stable signal connections are maintained to avoid costly re-work or repair," states Mike Higashikawa, product manager, Molex. "All of the features built into the SlimStack B8 connector system are designed and engineered for maximum reliability in mobile devices." Capitalising on the proven strengths of the Molex SlimStack portfolio, the SlimStack B8 version includes a new patent pending CleanPoint contact design with a bevelled shape for a wider, more uniform cleaning path and a more stable signal than other connectors for mobile applications. The CleanPoint contact and redundant dual-contact terminal help to ensure a secure contact and to avoid drop-shock continuity in the event of falls or rough handling. The SlimStack B8 assembly method, including a top housing-wall (stopper) design with a rugged metal cover, more effectively protects the terminal from damage due to "zippering" or forcible angled unmating. The metal cover-nail protects the housing from damage during angled unmating or blind mating. Mating tests on the outer wall of SlimStack B8 connectors demonstrate no damage to the housing with up to 50N applied force and 0.80mm displacement. Reliable mechanical features enable easy use, such as a tactile click when mating and strong retention forces for further contact stability. "Microminiature SlimStack B8 connectors are an excellent choice for mobile device and other electronics requiring strong guarantees of electrical reliability and housing protection, such as higher-end mobile devices, or to safeguard against flux contamination that can sometimes happen on flex-to-board jumpers," adds Higashikawa. Molex manufactures the industry's broadest range of microminiature and micro SMT board-to-board connectors. The SlimStack line offers design engineers a wide variety of space-saving choices for applications such as cell phones, digital cameras, laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices. For more information about SlimStack B8 connectors, please visit