Molex Strengthens Micro Product Support for Medical Technology Innovators



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Reaffirming its commitment to medical technology innovators as they design equipment to improve health and save lives, Molex Incorporated offers a selected series of core micro products, which will be available for purchase, replacement and technical support for up to ten years, in order to more accurately align with medical industry design cycles. Micro interconnect solutions, including Molex FFC/FPC, board-to-board, microminiature wire-to-board and memory card connectors, are used in a wide range of medical device applications. "Molex offers one of the most complete ranges of microminiature fine pitch connectors to support designers and manufacturers in the medical industry," states Anthony Kalaijakis, strategic medical market manager, Molex. "Our micro connector series now carries a powerful commitment of ongoing product availability and support to help deliver smooth launches and long product life cycles for medical devices and equipment." Molex innovative micro products align with the trend toward smaller, lighter and integrated solutions for mobile and portable medical applications. The firm's core micro products include some of the smallest and most innovative connector systems available on the market. For example: SlimStack™ 0.40 mm pitch, board-to-board system provides approximately a 25 percent overall space savings compared to competitive styles. IllumiMate™ 2.00 mm wire-to-board system supplies the narrowest width of any similar low-power connector systems, along with significant cost and performance advantages. FPC 0.30 mm pitch dual-contact connector offers the shortest length and most secure FPC retention compared with similar competitive versions, while eliminating the need to source a top- and bottom-style connector when routing an FPC to parallel boards. microSD* ultra-small 1.28 mm height memory card connector reduces memory card fly-out and sticking problems in portable devices such as mobile phones. "From portable electronic defibrillators and handheld blood glucose monitors to drug infusion pumps and medical imaging equipment, Molex offers innovative interconnect solutions to meet the needs of medical technology designers today - and a decade from now," adds Kalaijakis. By blending proven commercial technologies, cost-effective modified off-the-shelf and custom products, Molex is leading the way in the integration of commercial electronics into medical applications. Molex works in conjunction with its medical equipment manufacturer customers to develop solutions that economically support industry compliance and healthcare needs. For more information about micro interconnects for the medical industry, please visit To receive information on other Molex products and medical industry solutions, please sign up for our e-nouncement newsletter at