Momentive's engineered materials systems assist achieving automotive targets for weight, performance and sustainability



Momentive Performance Materials, through its subsidiaries Momentive Specialty Chemicals (MSC) and Momentive Performance Materials (MPM), will be showcasing a number of products for the automotive industry at the upcoming K Show in Dusseldorf, Germany. Momentive is a leading global supplier of epoxy, phenolic, silicone, and silane specialty engineered material systems and additives designed to enable auto manufacturers and their suppliers to build lighter weight, higher performing cars that can achieve demanding sustainability and fuel efficiency targets. Momentive's automotive technologies to be featured at the K 2013 include: Fast-curing EPIKOTETM epoxy resin systems and EPIKURETM curing agents enable parts manufacturers to produce lightweight carbon fiber-reinforced structural body parts in cycle times as short as two minutes. Epoxy-carbon fiber composite parts can generate up to 60 percent weight savings over their metal counterparts. MPM is introducing SilFORT* UVHC5000 coating, with improved weatherability that helps protect parts made of clear polycarbonate against abrasion, chemical damage, and degradation caused by UV radiation. UVHC 5000 coating is ideally suited for automotive forward lighting applications. SILOPREN* silicone elastomers find use in a variety of applications under the hood due to their resistance to heat and automotive fluids. MPM continues to innovate with SILOPREN Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) technology, and the glass-clear LSR 7000 series is a new alternative to glass and transparent thermoplastics in high power LED lighting. New enhancements in BAKELITE® engineering thermoset compounds enable manufacturers to use injection or compression molding for lightweight, high-performance parts for under-the-hood applications such as pulleys, pumps and housings. Parts made of BAKELITE® engineering thermosets have demonstrated weight savings of up to 40 percent versus aluminum. NXT* silane additives are enabling tire manufacturers to produce low rolling resistance with improved wet traction and stopping power compared to standard sulfur silanes. NXT low-VOC silane additives also can help tire manufacturers reduce ethanol emissions during manufacture by more than 60 percent. MPM's NIAX* additives are used in molded foam for automotive seating and for polyurethane-based headliners, headrests, dashboards, and noise dampers. NIAX additives offer reduced volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and enhanced processing characteristics, while helping to reduce foam weight. MPM's Cool FX* hybrid fillers increase thermal conductivity of thermoplastics, yet allow the materials to retain electrical resistance and remain suitable for injection molding. This combination of properties is leading to applications where space constraints and heat management are concerns, such as LED lighting. Learn more about these and many other Momentive specialty materials, technologies and applications by visiting with the Momentive automotive team in Booth 8a/G45 at the K 2013 Trade Fair, Oct. 16-23, in Dusseldorf, Germany. Momentive