Morgan Advanced Materials' ceramic-to-metal feedthroughs and connectors suit downhole drilling and well analysis apps



Ceramic-to-metal brazed assemblies for hermetically-sealed electrical feedthroughs and connectors

Morgan Advanced Materials' ceramic-to-metal brazed assemblies for hermetically-sealed electrical feedthroughs and connectors are well-suited for use in oil and gas applications, whether in subsea or above ground environments. Used for downhole drilling pumps and flow meter interfaces in well analysis equipment, Morgan’s feedthroughs and connectors are ideal for the high pressure, high temperature, and highly corrosive conditions found in the oil and gas market.

Morgan specializes in brazing a variety of metals to ceramic. Working with customers to decide which materials can survive the harsh environmental conditions and maintain the best seal for a particular application, Morgan uses its decades of application expertise to develop customized seal design and fixturing. Experts match the metals to be brazed to the specific combination of corrosion, temperature, insulation resistance, voltage capacity, current capacity, pressure, and hermeticity required. The high reliability seal designs minimize thermal mismatch and stresses to ensure a good long term seal, with hermeticity guaranteed to 10-9 atmcc/sec He.

As downhole drilling continues to go deeper and deeper the extreme conditions are challenging for traditional glass or thermoplastic materials. Morgan’s ceramic to metal seals are an ideal upgrade as they are more robust than glass or thermoplastic seals and maintain electrical properties at temperatures in excess of 800°F, considerably higher than glass and thermoplastic seals which are typically rated to 500°F.

Morgan’s robust and durable feedthroughs and connectors are also perfect for probe and connector assemblies for flow meters. Applications include: sensor assemblies for refinery pressure measurements, as well as in-line processes for measuring water, oil, and other chemicals in well slurries. All components help ensure that equipment will operate reliably, at high pressures up to 25,000 PSI in the presence of highly corrosive acids and other chemicals.

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