MOSFET pair from Diodes Incorporated reduces DC motor losses



For use in low voltage single- and three-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motor control applications, the DMC4040SSD complementary dual MOSFET from Diodes Incorporated features matched N-channel and P-channel Rds(on) performances to ensure DC losses in motor loads are balanced and minimized. The enhancement mode MOSFET pair are rated with a Vds of 40V, making them suitable for 24V DC motor systems controlling cooling and extractor fans, pumps, compressors and printer heads. The complementary MOSFETs' low Rds(on) performance of 25m? at a Vgs of 10V means conduction losses can be limited with a consequent reduction in power dissipation and increase in overall product efficiency. The DMC4040SSD has a continuous current rating of 6A and a pulsed current rating of 29A, enabling motor torque currents of up to 5 times the continuous current to be supported during motor start up or stalled motor conditions. Packaged in the industry standard SO-8 package, the DMC4040SSD package will also bring PCB space saving advantages over single MOSFET package alternatives. To create a complete high efficiency BLDC motor control solution, the DMC4040SSD MOSFET package can also be deployed in conjunction with Diodes' own range of ZXBM101x single-phase pre-driver motor controllers and companion Hall sensors. The DMC4040SSD complementary dual MOSFET package is priced at $0.25 each in 10k quantities. Further information is at