Mouser and Grant Imahara on the latest developments in driverless car tech (PSDtv)



Mouser Electronics, the distributor with the newest semiconductors and electronic components, has teamed up with celebrity engineer Grant Imahara and autonomous vehicle engineering expert Paul Godsmark to discuss the future of driverless cars as part of Mouser’s Driverless Cars Innovation Series for the Empowering Innovation Together program.

While riding in an exact replica of the time machine seen in Back to the Future, a movie made famous for futuristic visions, Grant discusses the past, present and future of autonomous vehicle technology with Paul Godsmark, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of CAVCOE (Canadian Automated Vehicles Centre of Excellence). Paul has 25 years of experience as a professional civil engineer, road designer, project manager, road safety and ITS specialist in nine countries on four different continents.

In this episode of PSDtv Join Mouser and Godsmark for a Twitter Party at #MouserParty at 2 pm CT on Tuesday, November 10th to discuss autonomous vehicle technology. It’s your chance to ask a global autonomous vehicle expert a question on the emerging technology.

The Driverless Cars Innovation series captures insights from some of the leading companies and innovators such as Mercedes-Benz, Cruise, Google, ON Semiconductor, Delphi, AVX, and Carnegie Mellon/GM, all innovating to make the dream of driverless cars a reality. In fact, this year Carnegie Mellon had their 20th year anniversary of their first driverless vehicle.

The spotlight video interview with CAVCOE offers viewers a unique perspective on how far we’ve come with autonomous vehicle technology from the futuristic visions of 1939 New York World’s Fair to today. Godsmark discusses how engineering students can design and build 90% of a driverless car today with the component technology available. It’s the other 10% of software engineering that remains to be proven.

The topic of Driverless Cars is part of the award-winning Empowering Innovation Together program and is available only on The series concentrates on different areas of autonomous vehicle technology – from the ethics of autonomous vehicles, to what discoveries and innovations are being made in the industry and what challenges are faced in gaining the public’s approval of driverless cars.

“We’re getting a lot closer to the dream of a self-driving car than most of us think, and this video interview with CAVCOE gives you some incredible visuals and examples of some of the vehicles and visionaries that are helping us get there,” said Grant Imahara. “This is the future.”

The comprehensive Driverless Car Series also includes technical articles, featured products, blogs, and other related content. This exciting program is part of Mouser’s ongoing Empowering Innovation Together program designed to inspire creative thinking for both professional and aspiring engineers.

Sponsored by Platinum Program Partner ON Semiconductor, and Diamond Sponsors Freescale Semiconductor, AVX and Delphi, this is the fourth installment and follow-up to the popular Robotics, Space, and Home & Factory Automation programs, which were launched earlier this year from Mouser Electronics.

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