Mouser Electronics now stocking KEMET NEC TOKIN products



Mouser Electronics, a leading engineering resource and global distributor of semiconductors and electronic components, announced it is distributing KEMET’s expanded portfolio which brings together leading-edge products from KEMET’s joint venture partner NEC TOKIN to buyers and design engineers worldwide.

Mouser’s expanded product offerings from KEMET include Supercapacitors, High-Current Power Inductors, AC Line Filters, Relays, Flex Suppressors and ESD/EMI cores. KEMET, a leading manufacturer of ceramic, tantalum, film, paper, aluminum and electrolytic capacitors, adds to its already-strong product line with NEC TOKIN’s industry-leading expertise in electromechanical devices (EMDs), electromagnetic compatibility devices (EMC) and more.
“Mouser is excited to provide design engineers and buyers with the added value that the KEMET NEC TOKIN partnership brings,” said Andy Kerr, Mouser's Vice President of Supplier Management. “Mouser has long valued its Franchised Partnership with KEMET. Its strong capacitor portfolio will be enhanced even further with the addition of EDLC, EMD and EMC devices – providing even more product advancements to our customers’ designs.”

“The launch of our new line of components is an exciting milestone for KEMET, and we are delighted to have Mouser help us with the global release of these products,” said Graeme Dorkings, Vice President of Global Distribution Sales. “Mouser has made a major investment with these new products with dedicated web pages, application briefs, full product specifications and product on the shelf available to order.”