Mouser Electronics now stocking Plessey Semiconductors



Mouser Electronics is now globally distributing Plessey Semiconductors' complete range of innovative products, including Plessey's multi award-winning EPIC™ sensor and MAGIC GaN LEDs. Mouser's stocked product offering includes various sensors, such as Plessey's award-winning EPIC sensors (Electric Potential Integrated Circuit) that can be used in contact mode for measuring bio-electric signals like ECG, EMG, EOG and EEG, or in non-contact mode for measuring disruptions in the electric field caused by human body movement. Additionally, Mouser's stock includes Plessey's new Gallium Nitride (GaN) High Brightness (HB) LEDs, manufactured using cost-effective GaN-on-Silicon processes. "Mouser is pleased to partner with Plessey to distribute their innovative products to our customers across the globe," stated Mike Scott, Mouser Vice President of Semiconductors. "Their award-winning EPIC sensors offer our customers an innovative non-invasive technology to measure ambient electric fields. We always aim to provide design engineers with the latest technologies so that they can create state-of-the-art designs. Plessey has built its global brand recognition over the decades by being a true innovator in the electronics industry, always pushing the boundaries to deliver novel and clever solutions." Michael LeGoff, Plessey's CEO, states, "Mouser is one of the leading global distributors of electronic components, enabling customers around the world to have access to Plessey's newest technologies that offer innovative solutions to real life applications. We are excited to have Mouser distributing our products globally." Mouser