Mouser Launches USB-C Charging Reference Design


Mouser Electronics has launched a new USB Type-C charging hub reference design from Qorvo and Cypress Semiconductor.

The reference design includes the Qorvo ACT4751 DC-to-DC buck converter and a Cypress EZ-PD CCG3PA USB Type-C and Power Delivery (PD) controller. The products and reference design support applications such as PC and tablet power adapters, smartphone and mobile chargers, vehicle chargers, and power banks.


The Qorvo ACT4751 is a high-efficiency, synchronous step-down DC-DC converter with a wide 4.5 V – 40 V input range. The ACT4751 employs a proprietary control algorithm and controls two integrated 50 mOhm MOSFETs to achieve very high efficiency and enable extremely compact designs.


The Cypress EZ-PD CCG3PA controller supports USB-C power source and dual-role power source/sink. Additionally, the controller fully supports the USB PD 3.0 Programmable Power Supply (PPS) specification, which allows smartphones to communicate with the charger to determine the ideal voltage and current levels. The controller's Quick Charge 4 certification also incorporates improved safety features to ensure fast charging without overheating.


Together, the ACT4751 converter and CCG3PA controller form the basis of a USB-C/USB-A charging power hub reference design. The solution is a receptacle-based Type-C power adapter that supports a maximum power profile of 80 W (20 V, 4 A), along with a legacy Type-A port with a maximum output of 60 W (20 V, 3 A when activating Quick Charge 3).


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