Mouser launches wireless charging technology site



Wireless inductive charging devices

Mouser Electronics recently launched its new Wireless Charging Technology site, offering a detailed overview of this rapidly evolving technology to help designers identify the ideal wireless charging semiconductor and passive components – as well as development tools – to put a charge into their next design project.

Wireless inductive charging devices follow the Qi (pronounced “Chee”) global wireless charging standard, developed and licensed by the Wireless Power Consortium. Products that carry the Qi logo on their packaging are interoperable, allowing consumers the freedom to charge any Qi compliant device in wireless charging range of any Qi charger. The adoption of the Qi wireless charging standard enables both OEMs and third party developers alike to design and manufacturer Qi-compliant devices and accessories.

Mouser’s new site features technical articles detailing the latest developments in Qi-compliant devices and chargers, and explores the latest trends in the wireless charging industry. Mouser's Wireless Charging Technology site also provides a variety of videos and other technical resources to educate and facilitate advancement in support of this emerging technology. Future updates will delve into A4WP, another new wireless charging standard which uses a larger magnetic field allowing more than one device to be charged from a single transmitter.

Mouser Electronics Wireless Charging Site