Mouser Signs Global Distribution Agreement with Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG to Deliver Latest Sensor Solutions



Mouser Signs Global Distribution Agreement with Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG to Deliver Latest Sensor Solutions

­Mouser Electronics, Inc., announces a new global distribution agreement with Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG, an industry-leading manufacturer of physical, chemical and biological sensors. With over 30 years of experience, Innovative Sensor Technology’s suite of precision sensor solutions includes both platinum and nickel thick-and thin-film RTD temperature sensors, thermal mass flow sensors, humidity sensors, biosensors, conductivity sensors, and more.

Mouser now stocks the latest Innovative Sensor Technology products, including the new PW Series platinum resistive temperature devices (RTD). These class A PW sensors combine the accuracy and precision of wire-wound sensors with the advantages of thin-film sensors, offering robustness, small dimensions, cost-effectiveness, and low hysteresis. Compared to a standard thin-film sensor measuring up to +300°C, the IST AG PW sensors expand performance, measuring with high accuracy (class A) with a wider operating temperature range from -200°C to +600°C. The PW sensors are also available in round ceramic housing with the exact dimensions as a traditional wire-wound sensor, providing easy interchangeability into existing temperature applications.

Innovative Sensor Technology’s 600°C Series platinum sensors with wires, also available from Mouser, are designed for high temperatures (-200°C to +600°C), while providing long-term stability. These sensors are vibration and temperature-shock resistant and offer low self-heating and a fast response time. Additional features include 100Ω to 2000Ω nominal resistance at 0°C, 3850ppm/K characteristics curve, and a Pt-cladded Ni-wire connection with 0.2 mm diameter.

For gas flow applications, Innovative Sensor Technology Gas Flow Sensors are optimized for measuring gas flow and direction for medical, automotive, air conditioning, and building automation applications. The product portfolio features thermal mass flow sensors based on anemometric and calorimetric principles like the MFS02, SFS01, FS2T, and FS7 series. Innovative Sensor Technology Gas Flow Sensors deliver a response time as low as <0.5 ms, depending on the series.

Innovative Sensor Technology HYT digital humidity and temperature modules are ideal for general-purpose humidity applications, providing low hysteresis, low drift, and stability at high humidity. The modules come fully calibrated and temperature compensated, have an I2C protocol for easy integration, and are available with an exposed sensor or a glob-top version.

To learn more about the Innovative Sensor Technology products available from Mouser Electronics, go here.