Mouser stocks TE Connectivity power triple lock connector system



TE Connectivity Power Triple Lock connector system

Mouser Electronics is now stocking the TE Connectivity Power Triple Lock (PTL) connector system. PTL meets market demands for improved connection stability and reliability. The TE Connectivity Power Triple Lock (PTL) connector system available from Mouser Electronics uses three locking methods and an enhanced connector design to meet the appliance industry’s demand for both improved connector stability and reliability in power and signal applications. An audible ‘lock’ latch provides confirmation when cap and plug are mated while the ribs surrounding the latch prevent wires from becoming snagged underneath the latch.

Optional connector position assurance (CPA) ensures that once connected, the PTL connector system does not accidently disengage. The optional terminal position assurance (TPA) feature ensures that contacts are fully seated in the housing, providing added protection against contact backout. Additional features include high temperature housings up to 150°C (302°F) and an upgraded lanceless contact design.

The PTL connector system is available with three levels of housing materials, including V0 materials in standard 105°C, glow wire materials that comply with IEC60335, and high temperature materials up to 150°C. The standard 105°C offering is well-suited for appliances and white goods while the high temperature version is ideal for more industrial and harsh environment applications including automotive. The glow-wire version meets IEC60335 regulations for global manufacturing.

Power Triple Lock connector system

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