Mouser unveils newly-enhanced harsh-environments site


Mouser adds vibration isolation to its harsh-environments site

Mouser Electronics has released a newly enhanced version of its Harsh Environment Technology site, with the addition of a special section devoted to Vibration Isolation Technology. The site includes educational resources on topics including Ingress Protection (IP) Ratings, NEMA Ratings, extended temperature range tolerance and the newly added Vibration Isolation spotlight. These criteria are paramount when designing equipment for rugged environments and applications, such as downhole oil and gas operations. Equipment selected for harsh environments must often perform for extended periods without downtime and maintenance, and under extreme physical stresses, making adherence to environmental performance standards a necessity to prevent costly on-site maintenance and non-performance. The Harsh Environment Technology site enables design engineers to select high-reliability parts which have been tested and proven to perform at extreme standards, often surpassing military specifications. The Harsh Environment Technology site includes featured products, articles by leading suppliers and industry experts, and a variety of technical resources, as well as product lists organized by categories. The new Vibration Isolation section spotlights the challenges posed by shock and impact caused by vibration and the importance of identifying products optimized for vibration isolation and resilience.

Mouser Harsh Environment Technology Site