MPS to show state-of-the-art power solutions at APEC 2016



Monolithic Power Systems, a leading innovator in high-performance power solutions, will show state-of-the-art, integrated hot-swap solutions, high-performance digital PFC/LLC combo controllers, USB Type-C AC/DC adaptors, tiny MPM power modules from 0.6A to 20A, and high-speed MagAlpha angular position sensors with side-shaft positioning capabilities at APEC 2016. Live demonstrations will be given at the booth, and attendees can schedule meetings with technical experts to learn more about MPS’ innovative solutions. MPS employees will be at the booth all week to answer questions, schedule meetings, and showcase live demonstrations.

Telecom- MPS will showcase a hot-swap controller and energy monitor with a PMBus interface, in addition to a 16V, 50A 1mΩ Rds(on) hot-swap Intelli-Fuse solution.
Power Modules- MPS will showcase its MPM power module family that ranges from 0.6A to 20A in tiny, cost-effective packages.
AC/DC- MPS will showcase an industry first, high-performance digital PFC/LLC combo controller and USB type-C AC/DC adaptors.
Position Sensors- MPS will showcase its MagAlpha angular position sensors for 3-phase brushless motor commutation and position control with side-shaft positioning capabilities.

Technical Papers
- High-Performance PMSM Servo System Using MPS e.Motion Technology Tuesday, March 22 at 3pm in room 103AB
- Noise Characterization of Switching Buck Regulators for EMI Analysis (Co-authored with Intel) Wednesday, March 23 at 2pm in room 201B

Where: Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, California. Booth #2025 When: March 20-24, 2016

Monolithic Power Systems