MSC: New Generation of Power MOSFETs Enables Design of Highly Efficient DC/DC Converters



Three new power MOSFETs, the RJK0210DPA, RJK0211DPA and RJK0212DPA from Renesas Electronics, are now available in sample quantities from MSC. The new devices feature approximately 40 percent lower FOM (figure of merit) compared to Renesas' existing power MOSFETs. With a voltage tolerance of 25VDSS, the new power MOSFETs are designed for maximum current (ID) of 40 A for the RJK0210DPA, 30A for the RJK0211DPA and 25A for the RJK0212DPA. The manufacturer specifies typical FOM values at 4.5VGS of 6.84m? nC, 7.83m? nC, and 7.2m? nC for the respective devices. In addition, the gate-drain charge capacitance (Qgd) of the new devices - 1.2nC for RJK0210DPA, 0.9nC for RJK0211DPA and 0.6nC for RJK0212DPA - could be reduced by approximately 40 percent compared to Renesas Electronics' previous generation power MOSFETs. The significant reduction of power loss during voltage conversion enables users to realize highly efficient DC/DC converters. This allows the new devices to be used, for example, as a step-down circuit for converting the 12V voltage supplied by a battery to 1.05V for use by a CPU. When the new RJK0210DPA is used for control and the RJK0208DPA, a device from the previous generation, for synchronous rectification, the maximum power conversion efficiency at 300kHz switching frequency is 90.6 percent at 18A output current and 86.6 percent at 40A output current. These new power MOSFETs come in a WPAK package, which measures 5.1 × 6.1 x 0.8mm (maximum). The underside of the device has a die pad that allows heat to pass to the printed circuit board.