MSC Stocks Ultra-Compact Optical-Coupled MOSFET: 30pA Leakage Current & 0.75pF Output Capacitance



MSC now offers the new PS7901D-1A optical-coupled MOSFET from Renesas Electronics. Key features of this device are an output capacitance of only 0.75 pF and a low leakage current of just 30 pA. The PS7901D-1A comes in an ultra-compact 4-pin flat-lead package measuring only 2.9 mm x 2.3 mm. The mounting area is approximately 40 percent smaller than that of Renesas Electronics' existing products, while the same isolation voltage of 500 Vrms is maintained. Thanks to its extremely low leakage current when in the off state and low output capacitance, the PS7901D-1A is ideally suitable for high-frequency signal control in applications where a compact design and small form factor are important. Find out more about MSC at