MTU Onsite Energy presents to data industry’s top professionals in New York



Jason Dick, senior applications engineer for MTU Onsite Energy, presented “Generator Set Ratings: How they apply to Datacenter Applications” at the Datacenter Dynamics Converged New York conference. With more than 1,000 attendees, Datacenter Dynamics is the world’s largest peer-led data center conference and exposition. Attendees include professionals who design, build and operate IT facilities, as well as key IT decision makers responsible for strategic capacity planning and technology investments.

“Datacenters and telecommunication buildings need 100 percent reliability 365 days a year, or they risk data loss and dissatisfied customers, resulting in lost business,” said Dick.

Given the array of ratings and standards in the marketplace, selecting a generator set can be confusing. During his presentation, Dick spoke about the importance of aligning data center application requirements with the proper generator set ratings to ensure maximum performance and reliability. More specifically, he discussed the ISO standard, manufacturers’ and exhaust emissions ratings and industry-specific ratings, including performance tiers created by The Uptime Institute.

“At MTU Onsite Energy, we understand how confusing generator set ratings and standards can be, so we take great care to thoroughly explain the differences to our customers to ensure the best selection of equipment. Being able to educate the professionals attending Datacenter Dynamics allows us to share our knowledge on a larger scale and we hope that helps more data centers operate with greater confidence,“ added Dick.

With more than 60 years of power generation systems expertise and more than a century of diesel engine engineering excellence, MTU Onsite Energy offers a complete range of power system solutions, from mission critical to standby and continuous power. With diesel generator sets certified at an industry-leading 85 percent average load factor over 24 hours, MTU Onsite Energy customers are often able to specify fewer generator sets for data-center applications, depending on the size of the installation.

MTU Onsite Energy also offers environmentally friendly power generation solutions with its combined heat and power (CHP) systems. Fueled mostly from natural gas, MTU Onsite Energy CHP systems provide a reliable and cost-effective continuous power supply along with an additional source of cooling.

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