Multi-axis motion and machine control system can operate as an EtherCAT slave



ACS Motion Control, a manufacturer of advanced multi-axis motion and machine control solutions, has developed a unique addition to the SPiiPlus EtherCAT® Control Solution family. The UDMpc is a line of EtherCAT universal single and dual axis drives for AC servo / DC Brushless, DC brush, two phase and five phase step motors. The module is designed to be mounted on a carrier board. The UDMpc operates as an EtherCAT slave under any SPiiPlus EtherCAT master controller including the PC-based SPiiPlusSC Soft Controller. It is designed to address high-performance applications with demanding move & settle, smooth velocity and stand still jitter requirements with power of up to 400W/800W (continues/peak) per axis. The SPiiPlus UDMpc is offered with the following current levels: 2.5A/5A (cont./peak), 5A/10A and 10A/20A. An optional safe torque off (STO) module cuts the power to the motor without removal of the power source to comply with SIL-3 and PLE safety levels. The module can also be provided with an optional break out carrier board, and a set of mating connectors. This carrier board also enables the user to configure the safety and general purpose inputs and outputs (5V, 24V, sink or source); test the STO operation and set the network ID of the unit. "The UDMpc is specially designed for applications where space is at scarce and cables should be avoided," said Dror Marom, CEO at ACS Motion Control, Ltd. "Also, the UDMpc can be supplied with a 'Break Out Board' and mating connectors in order to allow the design engineers efficient and cost effective development process, thus shortening time to market." The UDMpc EtherCAT slave drive module can be used with any of the ACS SPiiPlus EtherCAT controllers, and is fully supported by the SPiiPlusNT Suite application development studio for drive configuration, axis tuning, and multi-axis application programming. The SPiiPlusNT Suite also includes a full PC-based controller simulator that greatly reduces the cost of ownership and time-to-market for OEMs, system integrators and end users. ACS