Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor has Capacitance Value of 1 μF



Murata announces the development of what is believed to be the world’s smallest, laminated multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) with a capacitance value of 1.0 μF in the 01005 inch size (0402M) measuring just 0.4 x 0.2mm x 0.2mm.

The GRM022R60G105ME01 with a rated voltage of 4 Vdc is already in mass production and the GRM022R60J105M, with a rated voltage of 6.3 Vdc, will be in mass production in 2021.

MLCCs with a capacitance of 1.0 μF are widely used in various electronic devices with as many as 1,100 being installed in a single smartphone. These new components have been developed to satisfy the demand for smaller, thinner and more sophisticated mobile electronics and enable the further miniaturization of electronic devices like smartphones and wearable devices. Murata’s proprietary thin layer technology for ceramic elements and thin-sheet formation technology has contributed to a 35% reduction in footprint and a 50% reduction in volume ratio when compared with Murata’s existing product with the same capacitance value.

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