Murata energy-efficient DC-DC converter features 8:1 input-range for railway applications


Conforms to international safety standards

Click image to enlarge: UCR100 series DC-DC converters accommodate an input range from 16.8 to 137.5 V DC and typically operate at up to 90% efficiency.

Murata today launched the UCR100 series of DC-DC converters for railway power-conversion and battery applications. Accommodating an ultra wide 8:1 input range, from 16.8 to 137.5 V DC, the UCR100 series comprises three single-output models providing 5, 12, or 24 V DC outputs. Additional model-specific options include current share, holdup, and an adjustable undervoltage lockout feature. Packaged in a Euro Cassette format measuring 3U x 4TE x 165 mm, the UCR100 series is footprint and pin compatible with competitive product offerings. The UCR units offer customers ease of installation and better energy efficiency ratings than comparable models. Typically, a single UCR module can take the place of up to five alternative modules currently used in customers' existing applications. The series also can improve overall system reliability through use of the input hold up option that requires just a single capacitor to provide up to 10 ms holdup. These highly efficient units, typically up to 90%, create less heat than other power supplies, ensuring no extra forced air cooling is required. They are packaged in a ruggedized enclosure and conformally coated to achieve high standards of reliability and resistance to the effects of moisture. Mounting methods can be in a 19" rack or bolted to a bulkhead. The UCR100 series provides tight line and load regulation together with control features such as remote on-off, a ±10% output trim, and a remote sense of ±10%. The active current share option allows multiple UCR converters to connect in parallel to support higher output currents or to achieve higher system reliability through redundancy. The UCR100 series conforms to all relevant transportation industry safety standards including EN50155, EN50116, IEC60571, RIA12 and IEC/EN/UL60950-1. Murata