Murata GA3 reduced-volume safety capacitors now available from TTI



Murata GA3 series safety capacitors are now available from TTI, a leading specialist distributor of passive, connector, electromechanical and discrete components. GB, GD and GF versions of the Murata GA3 series have lower profiles and smaller case sizes than lead-type safety capacitors and are highly reliable for applications requiring an operating voltage of 250VAC, such as power supplies, modems, IT equipment and many other general applications. Murata GA3 Type GB MLCCs are IEC60384-14 Class X2 certified. The monolithic structure allows surface mounting and miniaturisation while maintaining a high withstand voltage. Available in a 5.7mm by 5.0mm package, they are up to 10% smaller in volume and 25% lower in height than conventional capacitors with leads. Capacitance is 0.01μF - 0.056μF. Guaranteed up to an operating temperature of 125degC, type GB suits commercial power supplies and general purpose applications. The GD version of the GA3series MLCC can be used for Class Y3 applications (IEC60950 only) and UL1950 devices, so particularly suits office IT equipment. The Murata GA series (GD) type MLCC is available in package sizes from 4.5mmx2.00mm to 4.5mmx3.2mm. Guaranteed to an operating temperature of up to 125degC, capacitance is 10pF - 4,700pF. It is suitable for reflow soldering only. Murata GA3 series type GF is certified to IEC60384-14 Class X1, Y2 so can be used for IEC/EN60950 and UL1950 equipment and many other applications. Available in case sizes between 4.5x2.0mm - 5.7x5.0mm, type GF has capacitance of 10pF - 4,700p. All Murata GA3 series MLCCs are fully RoHS compliant. TTI