Murata Power Solutions Introduces Small Footprint Surface-Mount Inductors



The new 2200RM series of bobbin wound inductors from Murata Power Solutions provides a surface mount alternative to the company's well established through-hole 2200R series. Suitable for use in a wide range of low to medium current applications, compact 2200RM inductors have a small footprint making them ideal for use in high density designs where a chip inductor is unable to cope with the power requirement. The 2200RM series provides engineers with a wide choice of inductance values ranging from 10μH to 68mH and DC current ratings up to 2.52A. Low DC resistance ratings enable a low voltage drop that helps reduce overall power consumption in customer designs. Custom value parts are also available if required. The RoHS compliant 2200RM series is backward compatible with Sn/Pb soldering systems and have an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C With overall dimensions of 7.8mm diameter (0.307in.) x 7.5mm high (0.295in.), parts are supplied in tape and reel packaging with 500 pieces per reel.