Nano Dimension Installs 3D Printing System for NASA Marshall Space Flight Center



Yoav Stern, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nano Dimension

­Nano Dimension Ltd. announced that it has installed one of its 3D printing systems – the Admaflex130 – at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center (“Marshall”).

Marshall procured the printing system as part of a project to 3D print sodium ion batteries.

The 3D printing system that is part of Nano Dimension’s multi-product offering comes from the July 2022 acquisition of Admatec Europe B.V. The Admaflex130 is exceptional for its ability to manufacture in multiple materials, specifically ceramics and metals, while also doing so at high precision. With the benefit of its Digital Light Processing (“DLP”) based technology, the 3D printer is ideal for research & development and 24/7 digital serial production of functional parts requiring complex geometries, high resolution, fine details, and smooth surface while benefiting from excellent material properties. The system also offers users the flexibility to develop custom materials and configure all printing parameters.

Yoav Stern, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nano Dimension, shared: “It is hard to imagine working with an organization that is doing more groundbreaking and literally expanding the envelop of space as NASA. We are proud they have selected the Admaflex130 from Nano Dimension. Our team took a risk in developing a system that can print in multiple materials and have open parameter settings, and they did it successfully. We trust this system will enable the pioneering leaders at NASA to fabricate innovative applications. And who knows? Maybe one day soon we’ll see one such application going to Mars.”