Natural Spectrum LEDs Picked for Circadian LED Systems


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The WalaLight Healthy Circadian LED Lighting System empowers better circadian rhythm responses by remotely and automatically adjusting the color temperature

Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. announced that its SunLike Series natural spectrum LEDs, which implement light that closely matches the spectrum of sunlight, has been selected by WalaLight for its Healthy Circadian LED Lighting System, designed as a passive adaptive LED lighting system that delivers the appropriate spectrum of lighting through a smart Kelvin-changing technology to improve human wellness.

Combining WalaLight’s state-of-the-art automated wireless Bluetooth and wired Dali lighting control systems with Seoul Semiconductor’s SunLike natural spectrum LED technology, consumers experience light that closely matches the spectrum of natural sunlight, and can replicate sunlight’s spectral changes by remotely and automatically adjusting the Kelvin color temperature, dimming, and zone control of each light in the system over a 24-hour period to optimize the indoor environment for ideal light exposure, enabling a healthy circadian rhythm.

Multiple research studies have shown a profound effect of artificial light sources on patterns of human sleep, alertness, performance, and health. This new knowledge of these biological and behavioral effects, applied in a human centric LED lighting system, offers significant advantages and benefits for health and well-being. Utilizing the SunLike Series natural spectrum LEDs enables the WalaLight Healthy Circadian LED Lighting System to produce light that has a positive effect on human well-being, based on the results of a comprehensive sleep study conducted by Prof. Christian Cajochen and his team at the University of Basel in Switzerland. The paper, entitled: “Effect of Daylight LED on Visual Comfort, Melatonin, Mood, Waking Performance, and Sleep,” was published in the Journal of Lighting and Research Technology on March 24, 2019. The paper quotes: “We have evidence that a daylight [natural spectrum] LED solution has beneficial effects on visual comfort, daytime alertness, mood, and sleep intensity in healthy volunteers.”

Prolonged exposure to excessive blue light can disrupt sleep patterns and has the potential to negatively affect eyesight. Because SunLike LED technology implements light with a spectrum that closely matches natural sunlight, it provides healthy and comfortable light, improving the environment for living, reducing eye fatigue, and displaying colors and textures more accurately with CRI 97.

Seoul Semiconductor developed SunLike Series natural spectrum LEDs in collaboration with Toshiba Materials’ TRI-R spectrum technology in 2017 as the first LED light source to closely match the spectrum of natural sunlight.

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