ND Metering Solutions offer multi-function power meters for effective energy management



ND Metering Multi-Cube Modular Meter

ND Metering Solutions, a leading manufacturer of innovative sub-metering solutions, has launched its comprehensive range of pioneering metering products in the United States. All ND Metering Solutions’ products have been UL certified and offer cost-effective sub-metering solutions that facilitate effective energy management policies for commercial and industrial users. The meters enable data transfer over RS485 or IP for easily integrated data analytics, and are designed to be straightforward to install, test, validate and maintain in both new build and retrofit environments. With ‘fit-and-forget’ levels of reliability, ND Metering Solutions’ products are designed to offer a future-proof alternative to current meter installations.

Richard Morgan, Sales Director at ND Metering Solutions says of the launch: “The US is naturally an attractive market for ND, and we believe that our solutions offer a radically different, but very attractive addition to the North American metering ecosystem. Our focus has always been on easy installation, commissioning and collection of accurate data. Our meters are designed to meet the needs of energy managers who must monitor and measure power consumption over large geographically dispersed real estate portfolios – which makes them an ideal fit for the US market.”

ND Metering Solutions’ products now available in the US include the innovative Multi-Cube Modular Meter, which has already been deployed in some of the largest and most successful sub-metering rollouts worldwide. As a modular system, the Multi-Cube can monitor up to 20 three-phase circuits (60 single phase) from a single location, cutting down on installation times, cabling requirements and power consumption, as well as addressing the practical hurdle of retrofitting in often cramped electrical rooms. The Multi-Cube contains data verification algorithms to improve reliability of data sent out by the meters for greater accuracy in measuring and monitoring consumption.

The Multi-Cube also includes a number of features designed to aid installation and commissioning, including an auto-rotation functionality to ensure that accompanying current transducers are installed correctly, and test pages enable engineers to ascertain quickly that the meter is successfully and correctly installed.

The range of meters comes with powerful IP communications options to facilitate direct interfaces with energy management software and building control solutions, eliminating the need for data loggers and concentrators. Direct web browser access on the IP meters allow users to view important instantaneous values and access set-up pages to change any of the parameters. Data can be transferred in standard CSV files to FTP sites or other specified file locations.

Morgan concludes, “Our meters are always developed from the customer standpoint: maximum functionality for minimum engineering complexity. The end goal is to facilitate a successful sub-meter installation and rollout which is both cost efficient, time efficient on site, and minimizes the potential for installation errors whilst keeping the communication options as open and diverse as possible. This ensures efficient transfer of the data to the energy management system, enabling customers to make informed decisions, realize cost savings and demonstrate compliance with energy reduction policies. With this new launch, we are looking forward to working with customers, system integrators and resellers across the US.”

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