New 2-channel isolated gate-driver IC family from Infineon


Infineon introduces a new family of 2-channel isolated EiceDRIVER ICs for use in high-performance power conversion applications.

The new gate-driver IC family is ideally suited for high-voltage PFC and DC-DC stages as well as for synchronous rectification stages in server, telco and industrial switching mode power supplies (SMPS). Further applications are 48 V to 12 V DC-DC converters, battery and electrical vehicle charging stations as well as smart grid and solar micro-inverters.

The EiceDRIVER family offers industry leading precision timing characteristics, 7 ns accuracy for input-to-output propagation delay and maximum 3 ns channel-to-channel exactness, both across production and temperature range, enable the next level of power conversion system efficiency. The overall switching efficiencies of Infineon CoolMOS™ and OptiMOS™ power MOSFETs can also be greatly increased by the EiceDRIVER source and sink currents (up to 4 A and 8 A respectively).

The family’s robust integrated galvanic isolation is important for hard switching half-bridge configurations, both from input to outputs as well as between the output channels. Additionally, integrated reinforced input-to-output isolation provides vital electrical safety where needed.

The low resistive output stages of the EiceDRIVER product family reduce internal power dissipation to the minimum, thus the gate-driver IC can deliver maximum power to the gates of power MOSFETs. In addition, when the power MOSFETs are intended to be off, the low-ohmic output stages firmly hold the MOSFET gate voltage at zero, thus avoiding undesired spurious turn-on.

For best fit with application requirements, the new family of 2-channel isolated gate-driver ICs is offered in different versions:

two output current classes 1 A/2 A or 4A / 8A source/sink

two isolation classes: functional or reinforced

three different packages:

5x5 mm 13-pin LGA (functional isolation)

150 mil 16-pin DSO (functional isolation)

300 mil 16-pin DSO (reinforced isolation).