New Access Fixtures Indoor Riding Arena Packages



Access Fixtures has introduced sixteen new budget friendly indoor riding arena packages. These indoor riding arena lighting packages use the new HILO high bay fixtures, which are both budget friendly and equipped with specially designed frosted lenses to reduce or eliminate glare. The packages are designed for both recreational and professional equestrians, with average package footcandles ranging from 20 to 50fc. Designed by lighting engineers, these indoor riding arena packages have very low max/min ratios and high lumen-per-dollar value. The packages are available for most standard arena sizes. Now, great arena lighting is only a click away.

The fixture used for the new indoor riding arena lighting packages is the custom built HILO. HILO is a round high bay fixture with a frosted lens that is both cost effective and extremely durable. HILO is IP66 rated which means it is protected from dust, bugs, and even jetting water. Protected against dirt and water, and custom-designed with a frosted glass lens to stop glare, HILO is the perfect luminaire for your equestrian arena. HILO is available in 4000K or 5000K, and comes with an easy-to-mount loop on top. It is L70 rated at 50,000 hours for years of maintenance free use and is also 0-10v dimming compatible. HILO, like most Access Fixtures luminaires, is guaranteed under a 5-year warranty.

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