New analog IC selection web tool delivers immediate results



Imagine an engineer who develops a new application and needs a variety of Power Management, Data Converter and other ICs. The typical way to find specifications matching products is either the re-use from previous designs, or spending hours on web pages to find the correct specification to match a product. These problems have been addressed with a new analog IC selection tool called, which offers a huge range of products from most manufacturers (over 40 and growing) across the globe from small over medium to large manufacturers. Combined with an easy to use parameter search enabling feature rich product search (over 25 and growing) or opposite search options with negating selections. Further ranking features are implemented by peak efficiency, inductor size, typical number of external components and many more. Additionally special applications are considered. For example engineers in the automotive business can search for AEC-Q100 qualifications, others for extended temperature boundaries or package families. The site content is expanding rapidly and by end of 2013 searches will be available for DC DC converters, DC/DC LED Drivers, DC/DC Controller and Data Converters ADC+DAC. In 2014 Battery Management, Amplifier, Audio and others will be added.