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New at Rutronik: minimized pressure and temperature sensor from Infineon


With the DPS310, Infineon offers a miniaturized digital barometric air pressure sensor with a high accuracy level and low current consumption. It is available at distributor Rutronik as of now.


The DPS310 is both a pressure and temperature sensor. The pressure sensor element is based on a capacitive principle, which guarantees high precision during temperature changes. The internal signal processor converts the output from the pressure and temperature sensor elements to 24-bit results. Each pressure sensor has been calibrated individually and contains calibration coefficients. The coefficients are used in the application to convert the measurement results to true pressure and temperature values. The ultra-high precision of up to 5 cm differentiates the DPS310 from the competition.


The sensor has a FIFO (first-in-first-out memories) that can store the latest 32 pressure and temperature measurements. Since the host processor can remain in a sleep mode for a longer period between readouts, a FIFO can reduce the system power consumption. Sensor measurements and calibration coefficients are available via the serial I2C/SPI interface.


The small package makes the DPS310 ideal for mobile applications and wearable devices.


You will find more information on the DPS310 on the e-commerce platform Rutronik24.com (where you can also place orders directly)


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