New Dielectric Material for High Voltage Capacitors



New Dielectric Material for High Voltage Capacitors

­Dean Technology is excited to introduce the Class II Y6P, a new dielectric material for high voltage ceramic capacitors.

DTI’s Y6P dielectric material is a Class II ceramic capacitor dielectric that has a high dielectric constant, low dissipation factor, and excellent stability over a wide temperature range. It is available in a variety of capacitance values and voltage ratings to meet the specific requirements of various applications, such as power supplies, lighting systems, motor control, and other high- performance electronics. Y6P capacitors offer reliable operation, making them an excellent choice for critical projects. The material is also compliant with RoHS and REACH regulations.

The devices offer a capacitance range from 100pF to 3200pF - with standard tolerances of ±20% - voltages from 3 to 20kVDC, and operate over a temperature range of -30 to +105°C.

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