New dual-winding inductors for high-current applications



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TT electronics BI Technologies has extended its HM78D family of dual-winding inductors with the introduction of a new model series offering higher inductance, better efficiency and superior current handling in a rugged, low cost part. The new HM78D-1210 series comes in 12.5mm footprint shielded SMD packages and, in common with other HM78D models, can be configured as inductors, common mode chokes or DC/DC converters. With dual windings the package is suited to a broad range of applications including DC-DC single-ended primary-inductor converters (SEPIC), non-isolated voltage regulators, point of load modules, LED drivers and I/O filter chokes. The HM78D-1210 models offer inductance values from 4.7 to 470μH in parallel configuration; 18.8 to 1880μH in series. Low resistance values ensure high-efficiency designs for SEPICs, while the high current ratings enable designers to save space on the PCB. Maximum DC resistance ranges from 0.014 to 0.57ohm with leads connected in parallel, 0.056 to 2.28ohm in series. In parallel, rated current is from 1.22 to 10.6A, with saturation currents 1.8A to 18.0A. Equivalent ratings in series mode are half these values. Housed in rugged and cost-efficient packages, the lead-free devices feature shielded construction to enhance EMI performance. Operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +125°C and the inductors are supplied in tape-and-reel format for automated production. For further information and data sheet downloads please visit: